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How to stop nails from breaking or splitting? – 6 tips you can follow

healed nails

Keeping long and polished nails is the dream of many women. But many times your nails can break due to a number of reasons.

Nail splitting is one of the most painful experiences a woman has ever experienced.

Split nails are quite unaccepted because women generally say these nails ruin the beauty of the long and slender fingers.

Split nails are usually caused by nutrition deficiency regular wear and tear, physical stress and many other reasons.

Although split nails are also common and completely normal, we should take utmost care to maintain them since they are part of our body.

What are nails made up of?

Nails are made up of a thick layer of protein Keratin on the nail beds.

Keratin is also the protein that is responsible for our scalp health and also hair and nail growth.

The growth of the nail occurs from the cuticle.

A nail can be considered healthy if is it resistant to frequent breakage.

The color of the nails also helps in determining their health. If you notice a change in color, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Possible reasons for nail breakage

Below mentioned are the possible reason for nail breakage:

  1. Moisture
  2. Biting and Picking
  3. Diseases
  4. Lack of Nutrition

Lets see how these affect out nail health.

1. Moisture

Overexposure of nails to moisture can lead to nail breakage.

Usage of plenty of water for doing all the house chores can soften the nail cuticles and lead to breakage.

2. Biting or picking

Biting and picking nails frequently is a very bad habit many people have. This can be due to stress or due to other reasons.

But often biting of nails can lead to brittleness of the nail and cause breakage.

3. Diseases

Certain diseases like psoriasis, bacterial and fungal infections can weaken the nails and eventually result in frequent breakage or major discoloration.

Also, the diseases like thyroid, skin cancer, kidney problems can contribute as the underlying causes.

4. Lack of nutrient

Lack of enough nutrients such as proteins in your diet can cause breakage and brittleness of nails too.

How to prevent breakage and take care of nails?

You can follow the below-mentioned tips to keep your nail healthy avoiding frequent breakage:

  1. Trimming
  2. Less contact with water
  3. Apply moisturizer
  4. Nail hardening products
  5. Don’t bite or pick nails
  6. Use branded Nail Polish
  7. Protein in your diet

Now lets see how these tips helps you in preventing your nails from breaking or splitting.

1. Trimming is necessary

Trim your nails from time to time to prevent breakage.

Also trimming helps to keep your nails clean by removing any sort of accumulated dirt.

Here are some nail trimming products you can use:

2. Less contact with water

Try to avoid the contact of water to the nails of your hands and feet for a longer period.

If possible, try to cover your hands and feet if you are exposed to the type of work that requires plenty of water.

3. Apply moisturizer

By applying moisturizer you can protect the cuticles of your nails.

Applying a little bit of oil or apply a moisturizer before bedtime can keep your nails healthy as well as prevent breakage for a longer period.

You can use these moisturizers from Amazon:

4. Nail hardening products

You can purchase some nail-hardening products from online shopping sites.

These products enhance the strength of your nails and make them resistant to breaking or splitting.

Some nail hardening products are given below:

5. Don’t bite or pick nails

Don’t bite or pick your nails the nails become weaker by doing such stuff. Also doing such things are extremely unhygienic.

6. Use branded Nail Polish

Refrain from using low-cost nail polishes. Because they often contain harmful chemicals which may harm your nails in the long run.

Also using frequent nail polish remover is not good for the health of your nails.

Try to use branded nail polishes because these not only look good on your nails but also take care of your nail health.

7. Protein in your diet

Try to include more proteins in your diet because proteins are responsible for the growth of hair and nails.

A good amount of protein supplements like biotin helps in the growth of the nails.

Beautiful nails on the hand enhance the beauty of the hand multiple times.

Keep in mind that nails many times become the main impression of the cleanliness of the person too. Properly trimmed, shaped, and healthy nails are always satisfying!

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