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5 Amazing and Cute Nail Art design ideas 2021

nail art design

Slender and fancy fingers with well-trimmed nails are incomplete without good paint, designs, or art.

Once you do a manicure, you will have the urge to check out some amazing nail arts.

There is a wide variety of nail arts, from subtle ombre French designs to artsy bold nail arts with shiny accents.

Many nail art designs can be simply created at home.

Here are some of the trendy nail arts design ideas which are easy to apply as well.

  1. Colorful nail art design
  2. Floral nail art design
  3. Modern color palette nail art design
  4. Face nail art design
  5. Nature-inspired nail art designs

Now lets see each of these nail art design type…

1. Colorful nail art design

This nail art is easy-going and fun and creates a wave of colors resembling the pallette box of a painter.

The split color design of the nail with incorporated rainbow colors makes it look trendy. You can use a lot of colors to make amazing colorful nail art.

Use a fine nail polish brush to create smooth little curves and fill them with colors. This design will look amazing if the finishing touches are done with a touch of gold.

2. Floral nail art design

Carrying a bunch of flowers in your nails is another way to make your nails look trendier. The floral nail art looks pretty cool on your fingers when you set a weekend plan with your pals.

You can make your desired floral pattern and also paint flowers which you like the most. You can also choose flowers according to your personality and dress.

If you are confident about making your nail art designs you can paint flowers by yourself.

But, if you do not have a steady hand, you can use stickers or stencils which are excellent substitutes for freehand drawing.

3. Modern color palette nail art

If you are not an excellent nail art technician but are heartily fond of the modern and stylish nail art design, then you must go for the modern colour palette nail art.

Spot the colors from the color wheel and simply put them onto your nails. This is one of the simplest nail art designs and will also give you amazing Instagram-able pics.

It only takes a few colours painted on different nails. It is simply stunning.

You can follow different models or sites for the idea of different suitable colors according to your skin tone too or you can apply your color scheme.

4. Face nail art design

You can draw attention of your mates by including faces in your nail art design. Fine lines and patterns always look superb and awesome.

Drawing cute faces is indeed tough but once they are done on your fingers, it will look beautiful. You need lots and lots of patience if you try to do it at your home.

Your manicurist can also draw such facial patterns with a steady hand.

If you want to do it by yourself you can also use nail wraps and decals alternatively. The bold and unique nude, black and white color combination looks striking.

5. Nature-inspired nail art design

The art of nature portraying the trees, green and beautiful flowers combines to give a royal artistic look to your nails.

You can choose to draw any flower of your choice and add leaves to it to look like a bunch or you can simply add different leaf patterns with a very fine nail polish brush.

If you do not feel confident about painting the floral pattern or natural objects you can use stickers and stencils instead.

Make your hands presentable not just with ordinary nail polish coatings but the rush of beautiful colored patterns and nail art designs.

The play of colours in your nails would certainly attract eyeballs wherever you go. So fill your carts with fashionable nail colours right now!