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How to make a hair spa cream at home? – Ingredients and steps

In this unfavorable situation of the pandemic, our daily routines have changed a lot. Doctors recommend taking utmost care of our health and loving ourselves to the fullest.

Visting a parlor was much easier than taking out time from the busy office schedule or in between doing house chores.

But now, the situation has made it difficult to step out of the house. So now we have to take care of our skin and hair at home.

There are a few homemade hair spa creams that would add shine and nutrition to your hair.

It’s very easy to make these creams at home.

In this article, I will help you make a hair-spa cream at home with easily available ingredients.


You need the following ingredients to make hair spa cream at home:

  • Banana
  • Honey
  • Egg
  • Yogurt
  • Coconut oil

Now let us know about how these ingredients help in enhancing the nutrition of your scalp and hair.


Banana is the best fruit to make your hair soft, shiny, and smooth.

With the help of this fruit, hair becomes manageable and your scalp gets easily hydrated.

Banana has essential vitamins that increase blood circulation in your scalp, control dandruff, and boost hair growth.


Curd or yogurt is an ingredient that would keep your hair ultra-soft, bouncy, and keep dandruff and other scalp infections at bay.

It is rich in vitamin B5 and D, which provide excellent nourishment to your hair and prevents hair loss.


Honey has immense nourishing properties that smoothen your hair follicle.

If you have dry and dull hair honey can do an incredible job.

It locks moisture and shine in the hair strands, helping the hair restore the luster.


The egg is a natural conditioner for your hair and is rich in protein that replenishes protein in your hair follicles and checks frizz in your hair length.

It enhances hair growth and balances scalp sebum. An egg a week would boost hair growth in few weeks.

Coconut oil

For those who are suffering from hair thinning, coconut oil acts as an excellent agent by preventing hair loss and breakage.

By penetrating deep into the hair root, it revitalizes the hair shaft which promotes regrowth of hair.

Coconut oil is effective in treating dry and damaged hair. It is also a natural conditioner that is soft in the hair and adds shine to it

How to make the hair spa cream at home?

To make the hair spa cream at home, take 1 cup yogurt, 1 egg, 2 teaspoonful honey, and 1 banana.

Add all the ingredients to the mixer grinder and make a thick paste.

Make sure the paste is smooth and the banana does not form a lump. This will help in the easy application of the paste onto your hair.

How to apply hair spa cream at home?

You can now transfer the paste into the bowl and add some coconut oil you can also preheat the coconut oil for better results.

Also, see that your hair is clean and washed before the application of the homemade hair spa cream.

Let the cream rest on your scalp and hair for 30 minutes and then wash it off.

As all the ingredients are cheap, you can apply the hair spa cream twice or thrice a month to get excellent results.

You can get healthy hair sitting at home at a much lower price than at the salon with this homemade hair spa cream.

This is completely natural and your hair will also get protected from the hair spa chemicals.

You can feel the bouncy and soft texture of your hair just like you feel after the salon hair spa session.

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