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7 best sunscreens to protect and nourish your skin in summer 2021


Each and everyone wants our skin to be kept nourished and glowing for long. But the present environment is too harsh for the skin. The pollutants, heat, radiations cannot be controlled but they can certainly be conquered.

You carry umbrellas, sunglasses to beat the summer heat but the face and the neck also need shielding too.

Sunscreens, which protect against harmful radiations and keep our skin youthful and radiant for long are a must and should always be kept in your vanity or dressing table for regular use.

Here are some of the best sunscreens that will be perfectly fine to protect your skin in the sun:

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ Sunscreen For Women And Men

Source: Amazon

This ultralight sunscreen with SPF 50 gives a broad spectrum superior protection of the facial skin against aging by the UV-A rays and the UV-B sunburns.

The dry-touch technology of the sunscreen would produce a light and non-shiny finish after the application.

It is also water-resistant and will also not clog pores. The sunscreen gives a matte finished look and is dermatologically tested

You can re-apply it after 80 minutes for best results.

Neutrogena Sheerzinc Dry-Touch sunscreen is generally formulated for sensitive skin and it is also a broad-spectrum sunscreen. This is safe to use and is lightweight and hypoallergenic.

It is made up of natural ingredients which will be gentle on the skin and the naturally sourced zinc oxide provides the shield from UV-A and UV-B rays.

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun

Source: Amazon

The non-greasy formula of the SPF 30 sunscreen is effective in shielding your skin from the harmful UV-A and UV-B rays of the sun.

It absolutely sweats and waterproof and is suitable for all skin types. The black plum extract, titanium dioxide protects the skin from premature aging, pigmentation, redness, and also sun-tan.

For maximum protection apply on a regular basis.

Lotus Herbals helps to preserve the youthfulness of the skin. The waterproof sun-blocking cream helps in protecting the skin during sunbathing, outdoor activities, and sea beach recreation.

Mamaearth’s Ultra Light Natural Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50

Source: Amazon

This sunscreen, specifically framed for the Indian skin and weather, is loaded with Titanium dioxide, carrot seed oil, turmeric, and orange oil blocking the harmful radiations of the sun and reflecting them back.

All the elements are dermatologically tested and are proven effective in protecting the skin from anti-inflammation, locking moisture without leaving residue, heals damage to the skin, and increases the ability of the skin to absorb the cream quickly.

Lacto Calamine Sunshield Matte Look Sunscreen SPF50 PA+++

Source: Amazon

This sunscreen is basically for those who have oily skin or are prone to acne. It is lightweight and also non-greasy that is made convenient for oily skin.

Applying the sunscreen would give you a matte finished look.

The basic component of this sunscreen is Kaolin Clay which blocks the harmful sun rays. The cream is also quickly absorbed by the skin.

Apply the sunscreen all over the face and neck 15 – 20 minutes before going out. In case if you stay for a longer duration under the sun, re-apply at intervals.

Lakme Sun Expert Ultra Matte Lotion

Source: Amazon

Lakme Sun Expert Ultra Matte Lotion gives you a lightweight, non-sticky, and non-greasy feel which is best suited for oily skin. The ultra-matte lotion is readily absorbed by the skin. It also has natural ingredients like lemongrass, cucumber, and vitamin E.

SPF 50 gives you proper shielding of skin filtering about 92% of the UVA rays which causes sunburns and pigmentation.

Apply the sunscreen 20 minutes before exposing your skin to the sun. Make sure you reapply the sunscreen every 3-4 hours for maximum broad-spectrum protection.

WOW Skin Science Sunscreen Matte Finish SPF 55

Source: Amazon

This sunscreen is one of the best sunscreens with SPF levels up to 55. It inevitably locks moisture with the natural extracts present in it.

The sunscreen is free from any parabens and silicone. ‘WOW sunscreen’ supports skin texture keeping it soft and supple, diminishes wrinkles, protects skin from sunburns.

The SPF is formulated with carrot seed checking photodamage, avocado oil for nourishing the skin, and raspberry extract rich in Vitamin C for repairing damaged skin.

Apply the sunscreen well all over the exposed areas 30 minutes prior to stepping out in the sun and try to re-apply after every 2 hours for better results.

Biotique Bio Sandalwood Sunscreen Ultra Soothing Face Lotion SPF 50+

Source: Amazon

This sunscreen lotion is enriched with pure sandalwood, saffron, wheat germ, honey, and bark of the Arjun tree which keeps skin moisturized and screens the skin from harmful effects of UV-A and UV-B rays.

It protects the skin with a broad spectrum and is best suited for dry skin.

Apply the lotion some minutes before you go out and reapply the lotion as needed to reduce the effects of sunburn, skin cancer, and dark patches.

So these are some of the best sunscreens you can buy.

Before buying a sunscreen, do check the type of sunscreen suitable for your skin, existing weather conditions, and the amount of time your skin would remain exposed to the scorching heat.

Make sure your skin is given ultra protection so that it remains healthy and youthful for long.